Fueling MAJCOM & Wing Spark Cell Collaboration

Overview (What):

Develop, communicate, enable and oversee MAJCOM systems, technology, and innovation development strategies, roadmaps, guidance, standards, architectures, and projects.

Ensure MAJCOM:

  • Enables innovation at tactical, operational and strategic levels.
  • Has effective Systems & Technology (S&T / AFI 61-101) innovation development processes and methods.
  • Has effective systems and technologies to support MAJCOM missions.
  • Has effective processes to develop, field, and sustain systems and technologies through routine innovation development activities.
  • Has systems that are interoperable with the Joint Force (special operations and conventional) and other governmental and partner nation forces.
  • Develops proficient systems, technology and innovation experts.

Objectives (Why):

  • Addresses the missing MAJCOM / Wing Spark Cell communication structure
  • Ensures MAJCOM delivers value to Wing Spark Cells
  • Provides a bridge to Program of Record with the intention of delivering a fielded and sustained capability
  • Enables pathway to the larger Requirements Generation and POM process to field and scale solutions
  • Facilitate collaboration within MAJCOM innovation ecosystem.

How to Guide:

Stakeholders (Who):

  1. Spark Cell Lead
  2. Intrapreneur
  3. MAJCOM Functional (may be multiple touchpoints)
  4. Numbered Air Force?
  5. Wing Commander

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Collect, Vet, Prioritize and Select Ideas
  2. Develop a relationship between the MAJCOM and Wing Spark Cells

Resources (Time/Money):

  1. Funding
  2. MPA Days (Reserve Man Days)
  3. In-Place Contracting Vehicles
  4. A8X Science & Technology Office
  5. Access to networks and relationships (Labs, FFRDC’s, JFWORX, NSIN, etc.)

Execution Plan/Timeline (How):

  1. Obtain your leadership’s strategic vision and objectives
  2. Identify your Spark Cells
  3. Establish a battle rhythm of communication between the MAJCOM and Spark Cells
  4. Understand your Spark Cell’s needs and challenges
  5. Find a way to help