Guide to Successful Pitching

Overview (What):

The pitch guide provides techniques, tools, and methods to maximize leadership buy-in and Airmen motivation to pursue innovative ideas. 

Objectives (Why):

  • Define/Shape the mentality of leadership regarding the process
  • Define/Shape the mindset of Airmen regarding the process
  • Facilitate Airmen ownership/commitment to a problem’s solution
  • Produce an AF-wide common structure for pitch events
  • Capture the data to improve the process overtime

How to Guide:

Stakeholders (Who):

  • Wing Leadership (Wg/Grp/Sq)
  • Spark Cells
  • Innovative Airmen
  • Innovation beneficiaries

Resources (Time/Money):

  • Time, dependent on problem being solved
  • Dedicated Innovation Coaching
  • Procedures
  • Rubrics
  • Impacted Units / SMEs

Execution Plan/Timeline (How):

  1. Submit the idea

  2. Address the critical questions that have to be answered:
    • What problem does the squadron need to solve?
    • How does the squadron plan to approach solving the problem?
    • What resources are needed (must include manpower/skills, workspace/facilities, materials, money)?
    • How will the materials be purchased (i.e, Form 9, GPC, GSA, etc.)?
    • What is the expected timeline?
  3. Evaluate against rubric (see example) to determine improvement vs innovation
    • Risk
    • Process
    • Obstacles
    • Technology
    • Money
  4. Consult Advisory Boards/SMEs and do market research such as:
    • CE
    • Contracting
    • Finance
    • Comm
    • JA
    • PA
    • Other Effected Units

Based on the innovation climate of the wing make a determination on when the pitch will occur after step 2, 3, or 4